Monday, November 23, 2015

Song Review!

Song Review!!

DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat

"You like that, don't you?"

Genres: Electronic, Music, Dance
Released: 20 June 2012
℗ 2012 Monstercat
This song is one of my favorite! Because the song is "catchy" with awkward but astounding lyric! Listen it :)
I found this song from a video about Dota 2. In my interpretation, this song is about someone (especially the artist) who expressing his like/love about dubstep.

Lyric :

You like that don't you? You like that don't you? See my eyebrows aren't even black See I had my eyes put up with make-up Yeah it's not really dyed The eyebrows aren't Do you like these? I was listening to dubstep Before alot of you were aware of diapers alright Which means! Before you were born You like that don't you? You like that don't you? You like that don't you? You like that don't you? See my eyebrows aren't even black See i had my eyes put up with make-up Yeah it's not really dyed The eyebrows aren't Do you like these? I was listening to dubstep Before alot of you were aware of diapers alright You li-li-li-like that don't you? You like that don't you? You like that don't you? You like that don't you? (You like that don't you) (You like that don't you) (You like that don't you) (You like that don't you)

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Bandung Spot!

Film Park! (Taman Film!)

Mayor of Bandung, Mr. Ridwan Kamil together Bandung Film Community and Parks Department Bandung just conjure a park under the bridge into the cinema for free. The land has an area of 1,300 square meters is provided Videotron screen sized 4x8 with electricity up to 33,000 watts of power.

For buildings, the park is designed to be the foundation incorporation amphitheater with seating and synthetic grass comfortable with a capacity of 500 spectators. At night, it will be more beautiful amphitheater with the presence of the lights are on.

The presence of this film park is expected to become a new means of free entertainment for the people of Bandung. Although free, the community and tourists Bandung is expected to keep the facilities that have been granted and maintaining cleanliness around the neighborhood park and the city of Bandung, so the park The film can also be enjoyed for generations to come.

Job Vacancy!

Job Vacancy! For My Late Assignment! ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holiday! At last!

Day 0

As usual, i need to go to school because i got SP (again). I got 3 SPs but i cleared the 2 SPs before so now it’s the last SP. As usual i meet Ms. Wiwin, but i don’t know that today is the SP time. So i go to school without school uniform. Ms. Wiwin a little bit shocked. I apologize and i go back home to use school uniform (my home isn’t far for my school, just 10 minutes with my motorcycle if the road is friendly). After that, i meet Ms. Wiwin and the SP begin. Awkward but not surprising, i’m just the only one who SP that time (although there were many students who got this SP). I’m tested and do unaccomplished task and at last i pass on this SP. But unfortunately Ms. Wiwin didn’t bring the absence for the SP so i need to go to school next day.

Day 1

Well, i think that i don’t need to use school uniform for this day so i dress like my usual day. On the school, I meet Lia with a new stuff for our club. It was a plastic (lemari) for special storage only for “Head of the Division” and “Vice-Commander Benkyou” title. I get the functionality because i’m the “Head of the Division”, especially on the “Gemu” section. On Nihongo Kurabu 3 (my club on SMAN 3 Bandung which the goal is to learn Japanese language and its cultures), what we learn on there is divided by 2, language (which we usually call it “Benkyou”) and culture (which we usually call it “Bunka”). The culture is divided by 4 (may change by the time), Manga (it was drawing with Japanese style), Odori (it was dancing a traditional dance from Japan), Shuuji (it was like Japanese calligraphy), and Gemu (like its name, game).
After that, there are someone coming. It’s Arif and he want to give me something. It’s “Pet War” booster packs. Before this happen, he give me the “Pet War”. It’s a game that each player get one character and its pet. The goal is to destroy the other pet and be the last surviving character with pet. And every character has its own skill. The booster pack contain one new character with its pet and skill. I get two booster packs so there are two new characters.
We play with the new character and it’s fun. In the end of the first play, Michael comes and tell me to absence the SP. I hurriedly go and absence. After that i play again. This time there are Michael joins it.

Day 2

Today i’m not going to school. I need to accompany my mother and my little brother because my grandparents go to somewhere (me, my little brother and my mother live in my mother’s parents) for two days. I think there are no interesting story because i just only help my mother, play game, watching film, everything is just like usual.

Day 3

Today is almost the same as yesterday, play game, watching film, although my grandparents come back home with Tofu (awkwardly next day the tofu is dissapeared somehow). It’s kinda boring but i think it’s always better than study (I doesn’t hate study, i just only hate the homework). I remember that i need to buy bamboo to craft takeuma (bamboo-horse in english, egrang in indonesian) just only two reasons. For my club, and i want to try this takeuma because before when i’m elementary school i can’t use it. But unfortunately my mother and my mother’s mother forbid me to craft it and i’m lazy to craft it too, so i buy it instead. My grandparents tell me there are a bamboo on somewhere (i forgot where it is, maybe near Babakan Sari). So, i decide to go there with my mother.

Day 4

Just like usual, another boring but better day. But of course i didn’t forget to buy takeuma. At about 2 o’clock, i and my mother go there with motorcycle. When i come there, we find a bamboo store-like but the bamboos is big. The owner suggest us to find another shop right before the gas station. We go there and we meet the right shop. The owner can craft anything, even the store was made by the owner with his own bamboo. My mother buy it for me because the owner speak sundanese and i a little bit can’t talk that. Of course, the money still from me. Unfortunately the owner don’t have the knife so we can’t take the takeuma right now, but tomorrow. Message will be sent if the takeuma is done. But very surprisingly, after we back home and not so much long there are a message said that the takeuma is ready. We are very tired so my mother replies that we will pick it up tomorrow.

Day 5

We go early in the morning to pick it up. Surprisingly, the shop is closed. We confused so we ask neighbooring people. They said that the shop usually closed this day. I don’t know how my mother replies so i don’t know really the condition. The thing that pop out first on my mind is that my mother make some misscommunication or something. But awkwardly, they decide to sneak in and pick the takeuma inside. Well of course we show the payment so they trust us. After that, we not go back home. Instead, we decide go straight to school so i can keep it on my club room. Fortunately the gate is open so we can go in and i put the takeuma in my club room. After that, i take a deep breath. Finally it’s done. My mother want ramen so we go to “Takolada”, a restaurant near my school still with my motorcycle. But unfortunately it seems like open but closed. I don’t know, it just only open a half. We not very sure it’s open so we decide to go to find food. After that, we go back home.

Day 6

It’s the last day of the holidays. But i just on home and do like usual. Maybe boring but it’s nice day. Although i’m stuck with this homework...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Experience Last Week

I forgot my enjoyment when the holiday, but i think i remembered something that was very nice for me.
On tuesday before the new year come, i spent my time with my friend, Alif, Yulio, Alima, and Yudis to go to Gamecorner. It was a cafe-like and the unique is there were many board games that can be played there for free. We decided go there because it was opened just until 31th December. First of January the Gamecorner won’t opened because the owner go to Netherland. So, we decided go there.
About one o’clock we go there. I and Alif go with motorcycle and the rest go with a car. Of course we arrived first on there. So we decided to wait the rest by playing a simple board game named “Coloretto”. Coloretto is a game that mix strategy and luck and it was short, about 7 minutes. I played it with Alif and one of our friend on there, Pet.
After playing, the rest wasn’t come yet and someone named Galih invited us to play “Biblios”. We didn’t know how to play it but we teached by Galih. After we teached, the rest was come. I don’t know what happen but me, Alif, Galih, and Yulio play “Biblios” and the rest which is Alima and Yudis play a game named “Jaipur”.
 When the mid of the game, our friend was come. He was Yanuardi or we called him Yana. Because the game was full (Biblios just only four players max and Jaipur just only two players and well, you can’t join a game in the middle), Yana invited to play something i forgot it, maybe it was “Five Tribes”.
After that, there was a dice giveaways as a present and souvenir for free. The dice was various from 6-sided to 20-sided. We choose the 20-sided because we know it was the most expensive than the other.
After we done playing, Alima and Yudis was done playing too. Pet go to somewhere and there was a game pop out on my mind and i want to play it. Then, our friend decided to play it too. The game was “Colt Express”. It was a funny game that can be played by 2-6 players.
And after that, i don’t think i got much time so we decided to play a final game named “Bang! Dice Game”. Yana join too so we have 6 players. “Bang!” is a game that each players got a role randomly, and need to accomplish the mission based the role. There was four role. The Sherrif must kill all outlaws and renegades. The Deputy need to help Sherrif. The Outlaws must kill the Sherrif. And the Renegades must kill all people and must be the last man standing. It was very fun and sometimes need to think because everyone role is secret except the sherrif.
After that, i didn’t have time so i go back home. Alima need to attend some private class and the way is almost same as my way home. So we decided to go together by motorcycle. But unfortunately i just only bring one helmet so we borrowed Yana’s helmet.

It was fun, but unfortunately it’s already closed. I hope i can play it more...

Why I Miss the Videoconference?

Well, in SMAN 3 Bandung there was a kind of football match named “Liga BM”. In english it was BM league and the “BM” refers to “Belitung Muda”, the football extracurricular in SMAN 3 Bandung. It was 11th class who in there and unfortunately the schedule was impact with the videoconference. I remembered that if you came late, you better not came because it can disturb the videoconference. If i attend the videoconference, i can’t play with my classmate and most likely my class automatically lose because lack of players. If i play, i miss the videoconference completely. So there was a dilemma on me. And i decided to play, because i think i can cover the absent by posting this to my blog (but i forgot until now) and i’m very sure there are another videoconference later. So i came to the labkom and got permission by Ms. Wiwin, and go to the Bali’s field. On there, i play although we didn’t win it. After that, i tired and went home. At home, i forgot this task...

Experience When I Was Bullied

Some time when the P.E. lesson and it was inside the room i think that i had been bullied. By the first hour, it still fine as usual. We learnt about gymnastic especially about front roll, back roll, and “sikap lilin”(don’t know the english, it’s like you stand with your neck, foot up, and your hand holding your back from falling.). All students divided by eight groups randomly. After that i still learning as usual.

When the discuss time, the teacher gave a chance for anyone who can’t surpass either the front roll, the back roll, or “sikap lilin”. I thought that my back roll was not good enough so i took the chance. Not only me, some of my friend took it too. After it was done, i came to the class group (different from before) for the discuss time. When i was standing and looking the paper as result of the latest discussion, someone ram to me intentionally. I just acting normal and he with her friends laugh a little. It happened a few times in the same day but i still felt normal. I knew that he and her friend was a kind of “play harsh” type so i didn’t felt irritated. And only that happened, after that no one bully me anymore (maybe?).